For other industrial materials

As a use except the grinding wheel and shell molding, we have phenolic resins for refractries and molding materials, felts.
In addition、We can offer the customized resin depending on demand properties. Please feel free to contact us.

For refractries

We can offer the resin corresponding to the environment (ex.low phenol monomer type) excepting listed grade below.

Grade Viscosity
[mPa・s (cP)]※1
Water absorption[%] Char yield(%)※2 Feature
MB-5010 500~600 12~16 47~51 Low Viscosity
LN-1020 1850~2150 2~4 47~51 Middle Viscosity
LN-5216 500~600 5~6 43~47 High Viscosity
※1. 25℃   ※2. Addition 10wt% of hexamethylenetetramine

For molding materials

We can offer not only novolac type but also the custom powdery resin which contained hexamethylenetetramine.

Grade Softening Point
Gel time
AH-PM(A) 101~105 66~78 30~40 Novolak Type
AH-PM(H) 120~126 70~86 11~15 Novolak Type
※1. Ring & Ball method    ※2. Addition 10wt% of hexamethylenetetramine

For felt

Grade Melting poin
Gel time
MF-1100 120~126 70~86 11~15  
※ Capillary tube method

※The data mentioned above are not guaranteed values, but representative ones.