For liquid encapsulation materials

MEH-8000 series is non-solvent liquid type of novolak resin.
This feauture of liquid state at room temperature can be applied for liquid encapsulation,underfill, conductive paste application.

non-solvent liquid type

Grade E-type viscosity
OH equivalent [g/eq] Feature
MEH-8000H 1500~3500 139~143 Low viscosity type
MEH-8005 4500~7500 133~138 High viscosity type
※ 25℃
What is “underfill”

The main purpose of the underfill is improvement of impact resistance, and thermal cycle performance enhanced by the coefficient of expansion difference between IC chip and PCB.
The underfill is filling in the gap of IC chip and PCB by capillary phenomenon, it becomes stiff to develop a function.
Because the epoxy resin composition of the underfill needs a liquid state under room temperature, MEH-8000-series is used.

※The data mentioned above are not guaranteed values, but representative ones.