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What is phenolic resin?

Industrial production started in the 19th century, phenolic resin has a long history. It has many excellent functional capabilities as molding materials (car ash tray and pan handle),grinding materials (grinder wheels and heavy grinding wheels) and casting materials (car engine core cylinder), and it has been playing a valuable role in industrial development.
In recent years pheniric resin has been widly and studiously applied in such state-of-the-art fields as electronics, computers and disital appliances as well as in the automotive use; and has been used in the matirials for semiconductor molding compounds and photoresist materials.
Function of phenolic resin (feature)
  • High electrical insulation
     Because it is difficult to pass electricity, it is used for electronic component and semiconductors
  • High heat resistance
     Strength can be maintained even at high temperature
  • High thermal insulation
     Because heat is hard to be transmitted, it is also used for a pan handle and a heat insulator that
     heat is hard to be transmitted
  • High flame retardancy
  • Low smoke emission
  • Dimensional stability and Easy to process
  • High adhesiveness
     Used for a main component of adhesives and paints
  • Acid resistance
     Alkali resistance is inferior
Types of phenolic resin
Novolak type
Resole type