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Message from the President
Welcome to Meiwa Plastic Industries, Ltd.

Since 1946, Meiwa Plastic Industries, Ltd. would like to contribute to society as an expert of the Phenolic resin on the technology cultivated while to meet the customer's request. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us those long years.

Phenolic resin is the most historic plastic. Cause by such as excellent heat resistance and durability,flame resistance, adhesion, Phenolic resin has continued to be widely used for many years.
We have corresponded to the various needs of our customers by applying the new functions and features.
Our products are mainly using curing agent of epoxy resin for semiconductor encapsulation materials and laminates, and a liquid crystal resist agent. Recntly, as ecological products that do not contain heavy metals and halogen, our Biphenyl resin have been used in a semiconductor encapsulation material. Moreover in the future, we will expand the business environment in ecological products manufacturing in our mind.

While continuing to provide quality, technologies and services, we would like to be a company that continues to grow as an indispensable company now and in the future.

I ask for your continued support.

Management Principles

Not only pursuing material and spiritual happiness of our employees but also predicting [NEEDS] and [WANTS]of the age to provide the best QCD for customer satisfaction, and thereby contribute to society.【 Q : Quality,  C : Cost,  D : Delivery 】


Company Name Meiwa Plastic Industries, Ltd.
Location Headquarters 1988-20 Oaza Kogushi, Ube City, Yamaguchi, 755-0067 Japan
Phone +81(836)22-9211 Fax +81(836)29-0100 View map
Data of Establishment December 2, 1946 View history
Capital \99,762,500 (authorized capital \399,050,000)
Directors President    Takashi Kono
Director      Takashi Noguchi
Director      Masahiko Shiraishi
Director      Toshihiko Anno
Director      Masarou Suehiro
Inspector     Hiroshi Hanabusa
Number of Employees 139
Ube Factory 1988-20 Oaza Kogushi, Ube City, Yamaguchi, 755-0067 Japan
Phone +81(836)22-9211  Fax +81(836)29-0100
Tokyo Branch 18-16 shimbashi 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004 Japan
Phone +81(3)3503-0061  Fax +81(3)3503-0065
Osaka Branch 6-20 Dojima 1Chome, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka,
530-0003 Japan
Phone +81(6)6346-1443  Fax +81(6)6346-1444


Quality Policy
Meiwa Plastic Industries , Ltd. aim at “ an improvement in customer satisfaction”by supplying continuous reliable
quality based on legal compliance in addition to the clarification of customer demands and needs.

1. We will keep every employee informed about the quality policy as action guideline.

2. We will respect all related law, regulations and promises with the customers.

3. We will implement a continuous improvement of quality management system and produce reliable products.

4. We will educate all employees and enhance awareness about quality.in order to reach quality target.

5. We will regularly investigate the customer satisfaction.
1st of April, 2020
Takashi Kono
Occupational safety and health・Environmental Policy
We at Meiwa Plastics Industries, in pursuit of our corporate philosophy, recognize that the maximum priorit should
be placed on the Occupational safety and health・environmentally. We will strive to create a safe and secure work
environment, supply environmentally friendly and excellent phenolic resins and other products, reduce the environmental
impact of our manufacturing processes and contribute to society.

1. Strengthen the Occupational safety and health・environment management system, preserve the environment and
  create a safe and secure work environment while maintaining and improving workers'health.

2. Set the purpose and targets of the Occupational safety and health・environment management system, clarify
  specific improvement programs and promote continuous improvement activities.

3. Comply with legal requirements and agreements made with local or industrial associations relating to the
  Occupational safety and health・environment.

4. When operating the occupational safety and health・environmental management system, we will ensure that
  workers and their representatives are consulted and participated.

5. Occupational safety and health・environment management system operate to eliminate hazards and reduce
  occupational health and safety risks.

6. Save energy and resources while reducing waste and positively respond to the substances of concern to protect
  environment, We also strive to develop our own environment-friendly products.

7. Improve the level of safety & health improvement party to achieve zero Worker's accident, zero environmental
  accident (excessing agreed level), and zero facility accident (abnormal phenomenon).
1st of April, 2020
Takashi Kono
UBE Group Action Guidelines ※Click for details
【Preface: Corporate Mission and Social Responsibility】
 Based on the founding spirit and corporate philosophy of the UBE Group, we will meet our corporate social
 responsibilities (CSR) in order to contribute to the sustainable growth of society through our business.
 1. In accordance with laws and regulations at home and abroad, and international norms and guidelines that should be
   observed, and with respect for human rights, we will pursue our corporate activities in a sound and fair manner.
 2. We will pursue corporate governance that is in keeping with the demands of society and strive to continuously expand
   revenues and enhance our corporate value.
 3. We will secure safety and quality in providing environmentally friendly products.
 4. We will strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and effectively utilize resources in order
   to conserve the global environment.
 5. We will practice appropriate information disclosure for all stakeholders and readily communicate with society.
 6. As a good corporate citizen, we will engage in social initiatives at home and abroad, to contribute to the growth of

【Chapter 1. Create New Value】
 We will develop and supply technologies, products and services that are safe, serve useful purposes, and earn the
 confidence of the public.
 1. We will consistently offer safe and useful technologies, products and services that are environmentally friendly and at
   appropriate prices, in order to satisfy customers and earn their trust.
 2. We will seek out challenges and develop technologies, products and services that address the diverse needs of society
   and pave the way for the future.

【Chapter 2. Legal Compliance】
 We will comply with applicable laws/regulations and internal regulations, conducting ourselves as befits members of a
 sound society.
 1. We will comply with the letter and spirit of all laws/regulations, and refrain from illegal activity.
 2. We will refrain from crossing lines of common decency and social norms, even if it does not relate to violating laws.
 3. We will observe internal regulations and rules, while engaging in conduct that clearly separates the public and private.
 4. We will refrain from any conduct that diminishes assets, credibility and public reputation of the UBE Group.
 5. We will perform proper accounting and tax declarations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
 6. We will refrain from having any ties with antisocial forces including having transactions with them.

【Chapter 3. Fairness and Integrity】
 We will promote fair and open competition while executing our work with integrity as we pursue our business activities
 both at home and abroad.
 1. We will practice fair trade and compete in the marketplace based on technologies, quality, pricing and service, and not
   impede healthy and open competition.
 2. We will refrain from unfair practices that are damaging to competitor corporations and business partners, and refrain
   from pursuing profits through improper means.
 3. We will continually maintain sound and normal ties with governments and regulators in all aspects of our business

【Chapter 4. Safety and the Environment】
 We will make it our shared value to prioritize safety in everything we do, realizing safety and security in the workplace
 and local communities, and conserving the global environment.
 1. We will secure healthy, safe and comfortable working conditions, aiming to eliminate occupational accidents.
 2. We will ensure the safety and security of facilities and operations, aiming to eliminate facilities accidents.
 3. We will reduce our emissions of waste and chemical substances, and practice recycling and suitably dispose of waste.
 4. We will voluntarily and continuously work to address global warming in order to contribute to a sustainable society.
 5. We will strive to maintain and improve the health of working persons, who give vitality to society and corporations.

【Chapter 5. Quality and Trust】
 In order to earn the trust of stakeholders, we will continually focus on safety and security in developing and providing
 products and services that meet customer expectations for quality.
 1. We will always obtain the latest information on regulations and public standards that relate to quality, and we will
   adhere to them.
 2. We will adhere to the agreements with customers.
 3. We will build close relations with customers and provide the quality sought by customers.
 4. We will continually improve our quality assurance systems.
 5. We will develop products and services that can be safely and securely handled throughout the product life cycle,
   ensuring that we suitably provide necessary information.

【Chapter 6. Human Rights and Labor】
 We will respect human rights and create healthy and positive workplaces that are comfortable to work in, as we pursue
 our business activities both at home and abroad.
 1. We will respect the personal dignity of all persons including their personalities and individuality, while promoting
   mutual understanding and refraining from discrimination based on gender, nationality, race, physical and mental
   challenges, age, social status, religion, creed and sexual orientation and other gratuitous attribution.
 2. We will refrain from all inhumane practices including forced labor and child labor, as well as refrain from having any
   ties with individuals and organizations that are involved in such practices.
 3. We will promote good communication and establish workplaces that are free of harassment.
 4. We will be receptive to diverse ways of working and realize a work-life balance.
 5. We will build and maintain positive ties between labor and management, with an emphasis on mutual trust.

【Chapter 7. Protection and Disclosure of Information】
 We will protect information and properly disclose corporate information.
 1. We will protect personal information and the information of our business partners.
 2. We will take every possible precaution for the handling of unpublished corporate information (insider information) and
   company confidential information.
 3. We will provide stakeholders with accurate corporate information and disclose it in a timely and fair manner.
Social Action Program
We place emphasis on the following social action programs. Let us all give them a hearty three cheers!
The junior soccer meeting in the western area of the Yamaguchi prefecture
The Junior Soccer Meeting in the Western Area of Yamaguchi Prefecture is held in Azisu-Genki-Land ground every early autumn. Many elementary school pupils in the area join in this big event some of the participating teams have reportedly achieved national level. Since 2005 we Meiwa have been joint sponsors of this meeting to help the pupils realize their dreams.
Ube Ekiden race meeting
The Ube Ekiden race meeting held along the walking trail of the Lake of Tokiwa on the first Sunday of February every year is a huge meeting joined by lots of people from junior high pupils to adults.
We have been participating in the race meeting as co-sponsor ever since the No.23rd meeting in 2006.


1946 Established as Meiwa Plastic Industries,Ltd. by a joint investment of Ube Industries,Ltd.
and Fuji Electric Manufacture Co.,Ltd.(Capital \180,000)
1947 Not only manufactured and processed the formed materials of phenolic resin but also expanded business into manufacturing and sales of resin for phenolic resin industries and plastic products.
1964 Dividing the Tokyo Form Processing Factory into the business group of Fuji Electric Manufacture Co.,Ltd.restarted as a company belonging to Ube Industries,Ltd. group by a 100% investment of the company.Commenced sales of various plastics as a special agent of Ube Industries,Ltd. and Ube Cycon,Ltd.
1972 Started manufacturing of monomer casting nylon (UMC NYLON) by a new technology of Ube Industries,Ltd.
1979 Increased the capital to \125,000,000.
1980 Started manufacturing and sales of NORDBAK, a epoxy wear resistance material,
whose technology was introduced from U.S.
1986 Transferred the management right of our Commercial Department which had dealt
with various plastics to Ube Trade,Ltd. in order to devote ourselves to manufacturing.
1987 Integrated the UMC NYLON Sales Department of Ube Industries,Ltd. to our company.
1989 Started manufacturing and sales of dip resin (a sealing material for condenser) entrusted by Ube Industries,Ltd.
1990 The company new capital has been \99,762,500 after its increase and decrease.
1996 Celebrated the 50th anniversary since its establishment.
1999 ISO 9001 Certification Acquired. (phenolic resin)
2002 ISO 14001 Certification Acquired.
ISO 9001 updated in 2000, extended to plastic extrusion products.
2004 Started manufacturing of UPICOAT(Polyimide composite) .
2005 Installation of photoresist materials manufacturing equipment (the 19th facilities)
for liquid crystal display.
The UMC NYLON business is withdrawn.
2006 POLYBUTENE TUBE JIS recognition acquisition.
Celebrated the 60th anniversary since its establishment.
2009 The processed product business has been transferred to UBE EXSYMO CO.,LTD. (formerly UBE-NITTO KASEI CO., LTD.)
2010 The right of Nordbak (epoxy resin) business is withdrawn.
2012 Installation of phenolic resin fourth plant (the 20th facilities)(Production capacity of electronic materials for phenolic resin)
2014 Stopped commissioned manufacturing for UPICOAT(Polyimide composite).
Started manufacturing and sales only for polyimide resin of it.
2016 Celebrated the 70th anniversary since its establishment.


Ube Factory
1988-20 Oaza Kogushi, Ube City,
Yamaguchi, 755-0067 Japan
Phone +81(836)22-9211
Fax +81(836)29-0100
・5 minutes by taxi from
 “Ube Shinkawa Station”
 of the JR Ube Line
・15 minutes by taxi from
 Yamaguchi-Ube Airport
Tokyo Branch
18-16 shimbashi 1-chome,
Tokyo, 105-0004 Japan
Phone +81(3)3503-0061
Fax +81(3)3503-0065
・7 minutes by foot from
 Karasumori guchi at
 “JR Shimbashi Station”
・Five minutes by foot from
 A3 Exit
 at “Uchisaiwai Cho Station”
 of Toei Mita Line
Osaka Branch
6-20 Dojima 1Chome, Kita-ku,
Osaka City,
Osaka, 530-0003 Japan
Phone +81(6)6346-1443
Fax +81(6)6346-1444
・8 minutes by foot from
 JR “Osaka Station”
・5 minutes by foot from
 Hanshin “Umeda Station”
・3 minutes by foot from
 JR Touzai Line
 “Kita Shinchi Station”
・2 minutes by foot from Subway
 Yotsubashi Line
 “Nishi Umeda Station”